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Improving Workplace Productivity with Better Sleep

Over 80% of parents report making mistakes at work as a result of child-related sleep deprivation. We’re here to change that. 

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Imagine a workplace where…

Your employees thrive, lead teams effectively and produce exceptional work. It all starts with a supportive home environment.

Compassionate care helps employees balance work and parenting seamlessly. 

Expert guidance empowers employees as both parents and professionals.

Evidence-backed tools boost employees’ confidence in parenting.

Better sleep enhances your teams productivity and performance.

Quick, actionable sleep strategies for children deliver transformative results for your team.

Our Workplace Solutions

Corporate sleep and parenting solutions

Child-related sleep deprivation costs organisations €2,000 per employee annually. Our corporate sleep and parenting solutions eliminate these costs by improving employee well-being and productivity.

Sleep & Parenting Hub

Provide your employees with 24/7 access to expert advice, resources, and a supportive community. Our hub offers ongoing guidance on sleep and parenting challenges, empowering employees to foster a balanced home life. Enhance well-being and productivity, ensuring a healthier, happier workforce.

Sleep Talks 

Empower and motivate your teams' with our Sleep Talks, delivered by industry-leading experts either in person or online. These sessions equip your team with the essential tools and knowledge to parent confidently and ensure their children sleep soundly, directly boosting employee well-being and productivity.

Sleep Webinars 

Boost team productivity with our online workshops, led by experts. Gain practical strategies to address child-related sleep issues and create a peaceful home environment. Our sessions provide essential knowledge to ensure children sleep soundly, reducing stress and enhancing workplace efficiency.

How it works

Our signature process makes transforming your employees' lives and creating a thriving workplace feel seamless.

Step 1: Enquire

Find out more about how Babogue can help your employees reach their full potential.

Step 2: Consultation Call

Discuss your current employee benefits and explore how Babogue can enhance them with our hub, sleep talks, or sleep workshops. 

Step 3: Tailored Employee Solutions 

Receive a custom quote based on your specific needs and team size.

Step 4: Transform your workplace

Upon approval, we’ll get to work on enhancing your employee appreciation programmes and empowering your teams with the tools and support they need to parent confidently.

Meet Erica, Your Expert Sleep Consultant

As a Certified Child Sleep Consultant, mum of 3 and a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants, Erica is an expert at providing the knowledge, guidance and support families need to solve their sleep challenges and parent confidently.

After experiencing serious sleep deprivation and the many effects it had on her family when struggling to settle her firstborn, Erica founded Babogue and has now empowered over 5000 families across 37 countries to dream big with peaceful nights and brighter days.

100+ Families Supported

Our Qualifications and Credibility 

After years of training, supporting influential companies and helping over 5,000 families, the team at Babogue have a wealth of experience empowering parents with holistic and effective sleep and parenting solutions. 

Ready to foster a productive, happy and thriving workplace?

There's no getting around it: exhausted and stressed employees can't perform at their best, and this can cost your company significantly. We’re here to help you create a workplace where employees are empowered, engaged, and productive, so your business can thrive as a result.The key to achieving this? Elevate your support by equipping employees with the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to parent confidently and ensure their children sleep soundly.

Ready to transform your workplace?