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Frequently Asked Questions

Parenting can feel isolating, but we promise you’re not alone. We’re here to help answer any questions you might have and the chances are, you won’t be the first parent to have asked (which we think is quite a comforting thought!).

I have more than one child, all at different ages, can you still help me?

Yes, absolutely! Our one-to-one services provide personal advice and guidance tailored to your specific family set-up so we can help all of your children finally get some much-needed sleep. Please note, there will be an additional fee for multiple children.

I’ve tried everything but I can’t get my baby to settle. Will you be able to help?

Definitely! We’re experts when it comes to helping babies to settle. We have a variety of evidence-based strategies that take a holistic approach to helping your little one settle down and sleep well. Discover more about how we can help here. 

I’m working full-time and have a very busy schedule. Will you still be able to help me set up sleep routines for my child?

Of course! We completely understand that life as a parent who works full time can get very busy, very quickly. That’s why we offer sleep support through services like our Masterclasses. We have a whole selection of pre-recorded Masterclasses that you can watch (and pause) at any time so you can learn more about supporting your child to sleep better whenever suits you. 

I’ve already done lots of research around sleep and now I’m looking for more direct help - is this something you can provide?

It is! Our one-to-one services are the best way to receive direct, tangible and holistic help when it comes to establishing sleep routines and implementing sleep strategies. Our 3-week programme provides you with a bespoke sleep plan and 3 weeks of support from our expert sleep consultants so you have us in your back pocket the whole time. 

Are your sleep routines strict? I need something flexible.

Although we encourage establishing and sticking to routines (as our bodies thrive when they have routines in place) we understand that parenting requires flexibility. That’s why when we create sleep routines, we take a holistic approach and consider a variety of different factors. We also make sure there's room for things to change and adapt because we know first-hand that things rarely go as planned as a parent!

I feel really overwhelmed and don’t know where to start when it comes to getting my baby to sleep or what support I need…help!

Our hour consultation is the perfect starting point. This one-hour consultation with our expert sleep consultants can provide you with the clarity and direction you’re after and give you the information you need to help your whole family get some much-needed sleep. Learn more about our hour consultation here!

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