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Transformative one-to-one support for restful nights and revitalised days 

Our holistic and bespoke solutions provide you with the education, tools and compassionate support you need to thrive 

Our one-to-one solutions are here to support you when… 

You’re ready to unlock the harmony you deserve.

You have tried everything to help your children sleep yet nothing seems to work

You’re experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety around bedtimes 

You feel like you’re the only one struggling and are desperate to find solutions that work 

Does this sound like you?

Your whole family is exhausted and you need to change that. Fast.

With the right support, you can overcome your children's sleep challenges. That’s why we’re here to help if…

You’re stuck in a constant state of chaos and overwhelm

You feel like you’re constantly running from one thing to the next, are stuck in bad habits you can’t seem to break and any routines you tried to establish went out of the window a long time ago.

You can’t remember the last time you had a good night's sleep

Restful nights are a thing of the past and sleep deprivation is taking its toll.   Achieving a full night's sleep, or even regular naps, feels impossible and you don’t know how to turn things around. 

Your joy, energy and motivation are nowhere to be seen

Your lack of sleep is starting to affect your daily life and you feel like your family’s spark has gone out. The wellbeing of your entire family has been affected and you’re desperate to regain their health and happiness.

Introducing the Sleep Harmony Programme

3 weeks of one-to-one personalised support to help you and your family find harmony so you can thrive. 

Evidence-based solutions using proven frameworks so you can overcome your sleep challenges for good

Tailored advice so you can create sleep routines that fit with your personal parenting preferences

Non-judgmental, holistic and consistent support so you no longer have to figure it out by yourself

Straightforward yet effective tools and techniques to help you confidently navigate turbulent bedtimes

Compassionate guidance to make your nights feel like a dream 

What's Included?

Our evidence-backed programme includes everything you need to experience restful nights and revitalised days.

Each feature is designed to bring you the clarity and confidence you need to establish successful sleep routines.

Sleep Questionnaire Review

We’ll start by sending you a questionnaire that will provide us with an overview of your current sleep challenges so we can hit the ground running during our video call together. 

1 Hour Video Consultation

During our call, we’ll get to know more about your family and unique situation so we can provide bespoke advice and guidance to solve your sleep challenges while respecting your parenting style.

Tailored Sleep Plan

This tailored plan is custom-created to your family’s needs and removes any guesswork around bedtimes. You’ll receive a step-by-step sleep plan so you and your little ones can finally experience restful nights.

3 weeks of holistic support

Parenting and establishing sleep routines can feel isolating, but you aren’t alone! Our experts are here to support you for 3 weeks through virtual messages, sleep logs and weekly scheduled phone calls to help perfect your child's sleep routine.

Concluding Call

This call is here to ensure all of your questions are answered and that you feel 100% confident in establishing and sticking to your sleep routines.

Restore harmony through holistic sleep solutions that empower your family to thrive. 

Restore harmony through holistic sleep solutions that empower your family to thrive. 

Non-judgmental, personalised and expert guidance to empower your family and settle your little ones.

Clarity and Confidence 

Around establishing effective sleep routines that help the whole family experience restful nights.

Simplified Sleep Solutions 

No more overcomplicated sleep strategies or confusing information. Just clear, evidence-based sleep solutions to help your little ones sleep soundly.

What our clients are saying

Our one-to-one solutions are designed to transform your family’s lives, but don’t just take our word for it…

Erica provided us with the 1-1 sleep consultation and honestly it’s been life changing. We worked with Erica over a number of weeks and our baby is now in a perfect routine for her daily naps and night time sleep. We went from bed sharing and constant wakings at night to our baby sleeping through the night in her own room. Erica held our hand every step of the way and was always available and supportive. Highly recommend!

Bridin Ryan

I simply cannot recommend Erica enough on her amazing help and support over the last few weeks. It has been life changing! Our 6 month old went from having a serious amount of nightly wakes to a full nights sleep within a few days of starting to work with Erica. It was seamless and stress free. Erica provides the different advice and guidance but follows your lead in how you want to sleep train and I really loved that approach! She was very timely with response to questions and just a really lovely person to work with.

Ruth Hession

When we first met Erica, our little one (8mths) was waking every hour at night-time and couldn’t nap longer than 30mins during the day. We were sleep-deprived and desperate. Erica is so kind & compassionate and totally willing to implement your own parenting preferences into your sleep journey with her. If you told me a month ago how much progress we would make, I genuinely wouldn’t have believed you. Our little one is now sleeping through the night, and having 2 decent naps during the day. I only wish I had gotten in contact with Erica sooner.

Christina Cahill

Discover Our Sleep Success Consultations

Personalised guidance and actionable advice to help you overcome your sleep challenges in one hour.

If you’re a busy parent who’s struggling to settle your little one and are in desperate need of some answers (and some sleep), our experts are ready to help!

This one-hour virtual consultation provides you with the clarity and confidence you need to establish sleep routines that result in restful nights for your whole family.

Sleep History Review

Before our consultation call, we’ll review your little one’s sleep history so we can identify any habits or challenges that keep popping up!

1-hour video consultation via Zoom with one of our incredible sleep consultants

Finally get all of your baby sleep questions answered and receive actionable advice tailored to your unique family dynamics to empower you to overcome your sleep challenges. 

7 Steps To Better Sleep Ebook

Learn our signature, proven framework to optimise your baby’s sleep in our easy-to-follow guide.

Meet Erica, our founder and expert sleep consultant 

As a Certified Child Sleep Consultant, mum of 3 and a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants, Erica is an expert at providing the knowledge, guidance and support families need to solve their sleep challenges and parent confidently.

After experiencing serious sleep deprivation and the many effects it had on her family when struggling to settle her firstborn, Erica founded Babogue and has now empowered over 5000 families across 37 countries to dream big with peaceful nights and brighter days.

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We began working with Erica a few weeks before our daughter’s 2nd birthday as a desperate attempt to get some more sleep!

Our daughter was waking multiple times a night and had lots of sleep associations that just weren’t working for us as a family any more. Honestly, I just didn’t know how we were going to change things.Erica from the very beginning was non judgmental, honest and patient and totally gave us the confidence we needed to implement small changes that made HUGE differences.After working with her for a number of weeks we went from her being totally reliant on me for all things sleep related to literally walking down to her room happily, getting in to her cot and falling asleep herself. I remember saying to Erica on our first call that I would love her to sleep independently and through the night but I wasn’t sure that it was achievable, given where we were starting from. I still can’t believe that I’ve now got a child that goes to bed happily and that most mornings I’ve to wake her up!

Can’t thank Erica enough, literally life changing!

Andrea Stanely

Ready to revolutionise your family’s sleep?

The Sleep Harmony Programme is designed to empower you with the knowledge, tools and holistic support you need to finally overcome your little ones sleep challenges and experience restful nights.

With the help of our expert sleep consultants, you can transform bedtime from a waking nightmare to a dream come true. Say goodbye to sleep deprivation, stress and disruption and help your family thrive.

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