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Make parenting feel like a dream come true rather than a waking nightmare with our evidence-based, holistic sleep and parenting solutions designed to help you find the harmony and peace your family deserves.

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Sleep Series Course

Sleep support through every stage of parenting 

Our Complete Sleep Series supports you through every phase of your child's sleep, from birth until they’re 10 years old! With over 12 hours of expert-led course content, The Complete Sleep Series provides you with all of the expert guidance, easy-to-implement strategies and evidence-backed information you need to ensure restful nights for the whole family.

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Masterclasses that feel like a dream come true

If you’re after straightforward answers, effective sleep solutions and actionable steps you can take to improve your little ones' sleep instantly, our carefully created masterclasses are your wish come true.

Our masterclasses cover a variety of sleep and parenting-related topics and are delivered by our expert sleep consultants. Each one is designed to give you all the answers you’ve been searching for when it comes to impactful sleep and parenting solutions that enable your family to thrive.

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Work with Babogue 1:1

One-to-one transformative support for restful nights and revitalised days

Remove the chaos, self-doubt and upset from your life with the help of our expert sleep and parenting consultants.

Our one-to-one services are here to empower you with bespoke support tailored to your child's specific sleep challenges and your unique family dynamic.

Corporate Services

Corporate services designed to increase your employee's happiness and productivity.

A thriving, successful and positive work environment starts at home. That’s why our corporate services are designed to provide your employees with the support they need to establish sleep routines and parent with confidence so they can show up at work without brain fog and a lack of sleep limiting their abilities.

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