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No fluff, confusing terminology or conflicting information. Just holistic expert guidance and parenting solutions to help improve your family’s wellbeing.

We get it. Modern-day parenting can be hard, busy and overwhelming which is why our masterclasses are here to make it easier.

For busy parents with limited time

You don’t have time to spend hours searching for answers yourself 

For families in need of effective and straightforward solutions

Actionable strategies and parenting solutions you can implement right away

For parents experiencing information overload

There’s a lot of conflicting information out there. Our masterclasses are your one-stop shop for clarity.

What our clients are saying

We’ve helped thousands of families revitalise their days with our sleep and parenting solutions. Here’s what they have to say!

Can’t speak highly enough about Marie and Babogue. Her care and support really guided us through. Our 10 month old was waking up to 13 times some nights, every 40 mins to 1 hours and sometimes for long periods. She now sleeps through the night and her naps have improved. We’re all so much happier and healthier with some sleep. Would 100% recommend to on anyone who is struggling with sleep

Fiona Taylor 

I recently attended Erica's Masterclass - Establishing Routine & Understanding our School Going Aged Children's Sleep. I found it really useful and full of practical and realistic suggestions. I also follow Babogue Sleep Solutions which is full of useful tips and advice. I would highly recommend her courses if you are having problems with a baby/child's sleep routine

Ciara Murphy

Having two small children, I have relied upon Babogue at various points.Babogue has really delivered the gift of sleep to our household. I have sought help for both my children and I am always amazed at how quickly I see results.

SL Tuohy

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Sleep Harmony Programme

3 weeks of personalised support tailored to your unique family dynamics and sleep challenges.

We’ll work together to create a bespoke sleep plan that enables you to establish sleep routines for your baby, restore harmony in your family and get some much-needed sleep.

Initial consultation call
Tailored sleep plan 
3 weeks of 1:1 support 
Weekly check-in calls
Q&A call to finally answer all of the questions you have about helping your little one to sleep soundly

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